The magnificent Gullfoss is our first stop. Gullfoss meaning Golden waterfall is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Iceland. You can walk up very close to the waterfall and feel its power, unreal experience.
Next stop we will visit The Great Geysir geothermal area. Here you will walk around geothermally active valley, where you will see the famous Geysir and lots of other hot springs including Strokkur which erupts approximately every 6 minutes and projects a steaming water up to 30 meters high.
The water from Seljalandsfoss comes from the melting volcano glacier EYJAFJALLAJÖKULL. That famously erupted 2010 and stopped air traffic for over a week. This mesmerizing 65 meter high waterfall is very unique for the reason that you can actually walk behind it and into a small cave.
This 60 m high and 25 meters wide waterfall you can walk right up to. Standing so close to this powerful waterfall is overwhelming. This is also one of Iceland most famous waterfall and here you can very often spot double rainbow. There’s a staircase that leads you to the top of the waterfall where you can view it from above. An old myth suggests that there’s a chest filled with gold and treasure behind this waterfall. We do not recommend for you to look for it.
Reynisfjara, Black Sand Beach
This Black sand beach is one of the most heavily photographed sites in Iceland. Here you‘ll see hexagon shapes basalt cliffs, caves and insanely powerful waves that you got to be aware of. Reynisdrangar cliffs are just off the shore and give very beautiful view. The cliffs in the area are home to variety of birdlife and here you can see the cute puffins flying around. Reynisfjara Black sand beach has also been used as a location for several movies and TV shows.
Is a small village with only about 150 inhabitants. Here is a great camp site where we will set up camp and have crazy good time. Here we will open up the FUNBOX where you can choose from many activities and games we bring along to play around with, such as, Giant Beer Pong, Cornhole, Badminton, Frisbee, Football, Jenga and many other games. Kirkjubæjarklaustur has very beautiful surroundings and lots of hiking trails with waterfalls, mountains and lakes.
Svartifoss is translated as Black waterfall in Icelandic. It‘s an astonishing waterfall surrounded by black column basalt and that’s where it get its name from. The hike up to the waterfall takes about 40 minutes and on the way you will come across 3 other waterfalls. The hike is fairly easy but very beautiful.
Diamond Beach
Whaaaat!!! do you got Diamond beach in Iceland??? Hell yes we do. This amazing beach is full of huge blocks of ice that have washed up on the shore. They are in all shape and sizes and can be absolutely transparent or amazingly crystal blue. The color show is spectacular. The shape of them often resembles diamonds and make a great photo opportunity.
Glacier Lagoon
One of the highlights of Iceland. Wow wow wow is probably the first thing you‘ll say when you see the glacier lagoon. The breathtaking lagoon is full of broken icebergs that float around. It is now the deepest lake in Iceland around 248 meters. You frequently see seals swim around and chill up on the icebergs. This location was used in the filming of 2 James Bond movies, A View To A Kill and Die Another Day. As well as Tomb Raider and Batman Begins were also filmed here.
A spacious campsite in a sheltered area surrounded by mountains. The campsite is located in eastern Iceland where it is common to spot Reindeers.
Holy Sh*t !!! This is the most powerful waterfall in Europe. Standing 44 meters tall and 100 meters wide. Dettifoss will blow you away with its size and power. This waterfall is a must see when you visit Iceland.
You pretty much just entered Mordor. This large lava field which has been formed in several eruptions, the last eruption lasted from 1977 to 1984. This lava field looks like from another planet. Here you will walk through lava field that is still steaming more than 30 years after the last volcanic event. This is an active volcanic area with beautiful formations. It’s stunningly colorful and has extraordinary view.
Did you just land on Mars?? Absolute no vegetation in sight. Everything is at a boiling point in this stunning arctic desert. Shades of red, orange, yellow and green around the mud pools and mud pots bubbling constantly. The first thing you will notice here is the “lovely” smell. Some do compare the smell with rotten egg but some people claim they love it.
Grjótagjá is a hot spring cave which used to be a popular bathing place for locals. But during the eruptions from 1975 to 1984 the temperature of the water rose to more than 50 °C (122 °F) and today it’s no longer allowed to bathe in the hot spring. This cave is where they filmed the scene from Game Of Thrones where John Snow and Ygritte had their first …. Good time together ….
Lake Mývatn
The surroundings around Lake Mývatn is like Disney Land for nature lovers. Surrounded by craters, hot springs, lava and rich bird life, this is where we will set up our next camp. Again we will pop open the funbox and get the party started. The village has approximately 300 inhabitants and is situated on the shores of the lake. Grocery store and bars can be found in the village.
Hverfjall is a tuff ring volcano that erupted about 2900 years ago. The circular and almost symmetrical crater is approximately 1 km in diameter, which makes it one of the largest of its kind in the world. The hike up the crater is fairly short but gives you stunning view over lake Mývatn and all the craters and lava in the area.
Dimmuborgir translates as “Dark City”. The dramatic structure of the area is composed of various volcanic caves and rock formation. In Nordic Christian lore, it is also said that Dimmuborgir is the place where Satan landed when he was cast from the heavens and created the apparent "Helvetes katakomber" which is Norwegian for "The Catacombs of Hell".
This spectacular 12m high and 30 meters wide waterfall is very special. Goðafoss can be translated as The Waterfall Of The Gods. In the year 999 christianity became official religion of Iceland. After the conversion Þorgeir Ljósvetningagoði, lawspeaker, threw all his statues of the Norse gods into the waterfall. Making Goðafoss the famous symbolic site of Iceland´s conversion.
Kaldi Brewery
Time to check out the local brewery and taste some delicious Icelandic beer. This local brewery was the first micro brewery in Iceland, founded 2006. We will take a tour around the factory and see how they make and bottle the beer. All the visitors will get a special gift at the end of the tour ;)
Often referred to as the capital of the north. Akureyri is the second biggest “city” in Iceland after the capital region with population of 18.000 people. Here you will get couple of hours of free time to explore town before heading to the campsite for our final party. The campsite is huge with lot of activities, such as mini golf, frisbee golf, human foosball, boat rentals and nice hiking trails.
Hraunfossar A.K.A Lava waterfalls in english. They are very special phenomenan for the reason that the water that falls into Hvítá river, seems to magically appear from the lava. It’s a collection of countless waterfalls streaming out of the lava over a distance of about 900 meters.
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